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10 Awesome Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, a few tried-and-tested methods have been forgotten. Sad, but true; and yes, postcard printing is one them. Nonetheless, this kind of marketing method is experiencing a revival, as business owners re-discover the powerful charms it has when it comes to delivering better results.

In its most organic form, postcards is a simple yet low-cost sales tool that is  a lot easier to use than what you usually see on the Internet. Talking about websites that offer turnkey postcard marketing services. These princely printed pieces pack a powerful punch for millions of small and local businesses. Even big companies and major universities are using colorful and often over-sized postcards to push their products, services, offers and brands.

The lowly postcard has taken on new prominence as a kind of “anti-digital” agent. Why? That’s because people are paying more attention than ever to postcards they receive in the mail, and are responding to offers at high rates.  It has a higher “read rate” compared to other direct mail, as they are easier to read at a glance – let alone the fact that there’s no envelope to open.

Interestingly enough, you can quickly create a postcard campaign without a big investment in time or money. You just need to find the best postcard printing in Singapore. Remember that getting your postcards printed and mailed to either your own mailing list or one you buy is a snap with one of the web-based services.  Many companies compete for your business, so rates are highly competitive and you can get your cards printed and mailed in a few days.

Here are 10 awesome ways to get the best out of your postcard marketing effort.

Always Plan Ahead

postcard printing

Source: Black Enterprise

It is highly recommendable that you plan ahead, as it can lead to creating a specific purpose for your postcard campaign – as big an idea as possible to grab people’s attention. Build value into your message and don’t be boring.

Make Them Eye-Catching

postcard printing

Source: Chameleon Resumes

Postcards should be eye-catching, so be sure to include high-quality photos or other striking images, graphics and colors. Just like how social media marketing images need to be high quality in order to stand out, your postcards need to be outstanding too.

Keep the Message as Simple as Possible

postcard printing

Source: Mindly

Postcards can say a lot – especially the over-sized variety — but try to keep your message simple. It’s still a postcard, after all, not a novel. Pretend that every word you write is costing you an extra $100.

Understand the Importance of Headlines

postcard printing

Source: Quantum Postcards


Short, bold headlines work best. Avoid jumbled information. Postcards work best for short messages and for generating leads (not closing sales). Don’t try to explain everything, and be sure to include multiple ways to contact you.

Do it in a Timely Manner

postcard printing

Source: Active Rain

Postcards are great for carrying timely messages, so think in timely terms. For example, postcards can convey messages or offers with a deadline, or customer reminders (your service contract expires in 30 days!).

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Make the Most Out of It

postcard printing

Source: Wise Geeks

There are two sides to every postcard, so make the most of them both. The non-address side should have the biggest, boldest photos and colors. Think of it as a poster. The other side should carry your offer, contact information and other details.

Think Multi-Faceted

postcard printing

Source: CMS WIRE

Postcards can be used for many purposes, including reminders, gift certificates, coupons, new product announcements, openings, discounts and even as tickets.

It should be of High-Quality

postcard printing

Source: Dream’s Time

Go for high-quality, full-color, glossy printing. These have the most impact.  All postcard marketing services offer this, and improve technology has brought down costs.

Make It a Bit Bigger Than Usual

postcard printing

Source: Uniform

Oversized cards – often 6×11 – stand out in the mail and are a great choice. They also give you more ways to include photos, coupons and even a map to your location.

It Should Encourage Quick Action

postcard printing

Source: WikiHow

Your postcard should always encourage quick action for far better results. Simply give customers a good reason to act now, perhaps a fast action bonus with a deadline.

Templates make do-it-yourself postcards possible, but taping the postcard pros online is quick and easy. Nonetheless, you would always want to go with a company that does it best, as they certainly know the ways to do it. Here at ExpressColour, we always ensure that our clients get the best out of their postcard campaign. We make efficient and of quality postcards! Contact us and be part of the re-evolution!

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