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4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty You Can Implement Now

Many businesses often find themselves focusing on marketing tactics that will help them to gain new customers. While this is an important part of growing a successful company, you don’t want to lose sight of the vital element of keeping your current customers. It can be easy to neglect your current customers when you’re so focused on getting new ones, yet the majority of your sales over the lifespan of your business is going to come from repeat customers. Wouldn’t you rather have a customer that buys your products or services multiple times than a new customer that makes a single purchase and that you’ll never hear from again? A repeat customer is also better for your brand’s reputation, since these are the people most likely to spread positive words about your products or services. So how exactly can you keep your current customers? Here are 4 ways that you can increase customer loyalty among your company’s current customers:

1. Provide the best customer service possible – An easy way to rid yourself of customers is to provide bad customer service. Consider this – around 58 percent of consumers will not do business with a company a second time if they received poor customer service the first time. On the flip side, 50 percent of consumers will use the services or products of a company more if they have a positive experience. There are a multitude of ways that you can ensure your customers are provided with good customer service. First of all, give them options. In addition to a standard phone number that they can call, provide several different customer service avenues, such as an email address and a live chat service on your website. You can also encourage them to contact you via social media, as this is an excellent platform for providing customer service. Always make sure that you respond quickly – no customer likes to wait when they have an issue. Do everything you can to solve the problem even if you don’t believe it’s your fault. Maybe they misread the product description – consider letting them return the product anyway and offer to pay for shipping so that they are happy with the transaction. They’ll be more likely to make another purchase if you went the extra mile for them. Be personable and make sure that they are talking to a human.

2. Communicate with your customers – Don’t just cut off communication with your customers after they’ve made a purchase. This shows that you only cared about the sale. Foster a relationship with your current customers by communicating with them. Make sure to try and get your customers to follow you on social media or to opt in to your email newsletter. If they are on your email list, use the data you have on them to send out birthday emails and holiday emails (as long as they aren’t religious holidays). Don’t forget that  communication is a two-way street. Give your customers a chance to speak as well. Ask your customers questions on social media to engage with them. Encourage conversations to occur on social media, both among themselves and with you. By communicating with your customers, you’ll show them that you care about them and haven’t forgotten about them. Sending holiday postcards is also a great way to do this. This is a great way to build loyalty since many companies fail to do this.

3. Offer customers incentives – Reward your current customers by providing incentives to shop with you again. For example, offer them a special targeted promotion when they are in the midst of checking out on your e-commerce page, or send them a special promotion or discount on a product or service when you email them their proof of purchase. You can use the data that you have collected from previous sales in order to target specific products or services to previous customers and to provide them with incentives to purchase those products or services. These are short-term incentives, but you can provide long-term incentives to your customers as well by creating a rewards program or a membership program. A rewards program could provide points towards each purchase they make, which can then be redeemed for free products or gifts. This gives customers an additional incentive to keep shopping with you. A membership program can also be beneficial to customers since they can receive valuable information about new products and services, discount codes and more.

4. Provide them with helpful information – By posting high quality content to your blog and to your social media pages that is informative and helpful to your customers (and not overtly promotional), you show them that you not only know what you’re talking about – thereby improving your reputation as an authority within your industry – but that you are willing to give information to them for free because you believe your relationship with your customers matters. In addition to posting your own content, we recommend sharing other content as well – thereby showing customers that you aren’t just marketing your own content for your own self interests. As customers read or view the content that you share with them, their loyalty to your brand will grow because they may look to you as an authority in the subject and trust your opinions.

Keeping the customers you have and ensuring that they continue to purchase your products or services is vital to the survival of your business. In order to keep current customers, you have to give them a reason to be loyal to your brand. This is why customer service and regular communication are essential as they help build trust in your customers – and you can’t develop loyalty if there is no trust. Always aim to nurture your customers by providing them with helpful and informative content as well as both short-term and long-term incentives to stay loyal to your brand. You can even incorporate these concepts in your brochure printing marketing campaign.

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