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5 Pieces Of Information Your Flyers Need To Have

When customers use our cheap flyer printing service, they usually ask us what are the important information to include in their flyers. To identify the pieces of information you need to include in your flyer, you must first identify your target customer. These questions would help you?

  1. What is the age of my ideal customer?
  2. What common demographics do they share in common? Ethnic background, type of business, country etc.
  3. What problems is my business trying to solve for them?

When you ask yourself these questions, you’ll get a clearer idea of who your target customers are. Knowing that, you’ll know them better; their problems, their habits, their likes and dislikes. Everything about them.

Most businesses make this common mistake. They don’t identify a specific target market to distribute their flyers too. They wanna target everyone. They wanna distribute their flyers to everyone. Without knowing who your ideal customer is, you’re wasting money printing cheap flyers. You’ll not get effective responses. You’ll be wasting your effort targeting people who are not your ideal customers.

Having asked yourself the aforementioned questions, here are the critical pieces of information that you need to include in your flyer:


Where is your business location? Where will your event be held at? Where can they claim their promotion? Telling them the location of your business might mean giving them directions or a map, or simply stating the landmark that is near you, e.g. “We’re opposite Plaza Singapura”.


As mentioned, you need to identify who your ideal customer is before you print your flyers. When you identify who they are, you’ll be able to craft a more compelling message and/or offer on your flyer. If you’re creating a flyer for a female gym, you won’t be attracting males! So when you write the content for your flyer, your target audience should be able to quickly identify if they fit the profile of the person your business is trying to market to. They can be females, but you don’t wanna target all females as well. Maybe you want to target 25-35 year old females who are trying to lose weight by trying many different methods, like buying that Ezyslim machine that helps you to lose weight fast and easy just by standing on top of it daily for 10 minutes. You don’t wanna target the couch potatoes who’re not interested in going to gym. Hence, your headline should capture your target audience’s attention IMMEDIATELY.


Usually when people print flyers, they have a promotion/sale/event going on. You need to tell your customers when your event is. You may need to capture their attention to the limited time frame your promotion is going to run. E.g. “Only from 1 Septemeber to 3 September!”.


Tell your customers why they should contact you. Maybe it’s because you’re the only female gym in Singapore that provides showering facilities. Maybe you’re the only gym outlet in Singapore that allows your members access to all your gym outlets in 30 locations in Singapore. Give them a compelling reason why they should contact you.


Last but not least, tell them how they should contact you. Is it by scanning a QR code, or call a phone number, or go to a website? Don’t leave this piece of critical information out.


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