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5 Simple and Practical Tips for Effective Personalised Company Post Cards

Contrary to popular belief, postcards is still one of the most economical and effective ways to get your message across your target market. According to a postcard printing Singapore company, postcards are one of the best forms of direct mail, as they are all personalized and eye-catching in nature. In fact, they don’t need to be opened unlike letters and can communication information in an interesting, visual way.

Sure, strategizing your company’s post cards will require more work; however, if done properly, can drum up your business. So if you want to acquire the highest possible returns from your postcard marketing strategies, here are 5 simple and practical ideas to help you.

Always Choose the Appropriate Mailing List

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It is a well-known fact that every marketing campaign should follow the 40/40/20 rule, which means: 40% of your effort should rely on your mailing list alone; 40% of solely relies on the offer being given; and that 20% relies on creativity (i.e. design, message, communication, etc.).

Above all, know that the list for mailing is always of utmost importance; hence you need to target potential customers based on your company’s market research. Marketing efforts could go useless if you are not targeting the right people, the ones who are likely to benefit from your product and/or service.

Offer Something Your Customers Will Consider Valuable

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Readers won’t just act on something, especially if they think it’s not worthy of their time. Therefore, go for an offer that they couldn’t possibly resist, as the chances of them subscribing to it are much higher. Go for buzz phrases such as “buy one get one free” or “half price,” both of which have since been known to work extremely well.

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Also, ensure that what you are offering is effectively displayed across your postcard and that you have a clear call-to-action towards the end of your copy. That way, readers will know how to act “now” as opposed to “later.” Lastly, when you have your postcard printing in Singapore, be sure to include an expiration date as to add a bit of urgency.

Know and Understand Your Competition

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Not only do you need to know what your competitors are currently doing, it’s also important that you understand how it is working for them. When it comes to your business, you need to be as objective as possibly as you can. Doing so can really help you a lot in taking your business into great heights.

Furthermore, you need to try to work on your strengths relative to the competition. On the other hand, the message you deliver should ideally focus on your company’s advantages; such as competitive pricing, product quality, opening hours, service speed, after-sales service and/or or additional offerings. If you believe that you have yet to have a competitive advantage, then it is time that you create one.

Grab Your Readers’ Attention

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You should always opt for a headline that is both strong and bold, one that can simply consider your readers’ point of view. For instance, “come and get gorgeous skin” is pretty much more appealing compared to the usual “buy our skincare product.” Moreover, make the text easy to read, use a captivating image, and emphasize all the key benefits from a consumer perspective.

Remember that your postcard should highlight only the most important points of your business, thus water it down as best you can. Highlight the customer benefit, and use words like ‘you’ and ‘us’ to further personalize your postcards, and ensure that you have at least two forms of contact near the call-to-action. Lastly, try to get a toll free number, as it works best; however, remember not to create barriers that will only discourage potential customers from connecting with you.

Test and Analyze

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Last but surely not the least, always measure and keep track of your postcard marketing efforts. Sure, you might be doing well, but there a chance that you could have done better. Therefore, experiment with your mailing lists, postcard structure and design, timing, frequency, images, headlines, and offers. Always compare and record your results.

Remember: A successful marketing is a science as much as an art. In the long run, you will have an effective formula for success that is specifically tailored to your business needs and wants. Why? That’s because you tested and saw it for yourself. So be sure to identify your best customers, most effective offers, average order amount per customer, the time of year that works best and the most effective mailing list.

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