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6 Splendid Ways to Make Your Flyers Eye Catching

Needless to say, flyers are a reliable and great marketing asset in every company. Advertising flyers are basically used to proficiently promote your brand, business and/or special event. If you have a well-designed and full-colored flyer, it can become an essential aspect in your printed advertising or marketing campaign. So how does one design an effective flyer?

Well, first and foremost, it must be designed in accordance to a recipient’s perspective or mind. This only means that a simply layout is a must. Nonetheless, if you want to aim a visual design that is strong and will effectively entice your audience, you need to follow the tips below. Thread carefully and keep them all in mind!

It Should Be Readable

advertising flyers

Source: How to Geek

You need to make sure that all the necessary information included in your flyer is easily readable and understandable. Also, it should be presented in a way that it has no visual “clutter.” You need to keep in mind that even a flyer that seeks to be creative and unique must meet this be criteria. Remember, the purpose of the flyer is to communicate information clearly to your chosen audience.

Be Mindful of the Font Guide

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Source: Live Journal

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to advertising flyers in Singapore, it is highly recommended that you restrict the utilization of font styles in your flyer design. The less you use it, the better it would be. Just keep it to a maximum of two font families will ensure a more professional result. Instead, use bold, italic or regular versions of the same font.

Make an Eye Catching Design

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Source: TRA CT

If you want to entice your clients/customers/audience, you need to make your design more visually appealing. How do you it? Well, just by simply incorporating suitable images into your flyer design. Again – be careful to limit your choices. A single photo or illustration may well work best in creating a stronger visual impact. It is really important for your design to be eye catching so as to entice readers at first look.

Make Sure It’s Bright

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Source: All 4 Desktop

Here, the idea is to make your flyer visually stunning by making it bright or appealing to the eyes of the readers. The key is to use colors that will to stand out from the rest and attract your customer’s attention. If appropriate and possible, only use company colors as they can be used prominently as an additional branding element.

Don’t Forget About the Call to Action Elements

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Source: Marketing Funnel Automation

A classic ‘call to action’ are the phrases “order now” and “call us.” Nonetheless, keep in mind that the technique here is to direct your customer on what to do and/or encourage them to act immediately – hence they are called call to action elements. As such, incentives and discounts are generally recommended. Get creative when it comes to slogans and phrases. Be bold – but keep it simple. Above all, a flyer design must be easy to read and understand – you don’t really need to pack them with colors and stuff.

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Keep it Simple and Real

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Source: Digi Marc

This one here is where most business fail to realize. They design their flyers with too much complexity that their audience tend to disregard the exact message. The most important part in designing a flyer is to make sure that it is still simple. That despite the elements you incorporate, the real message of your flyer is conveyed. Again, the idea is to make it all simple and real.

At the end of the day, you also need to remember that any marketing efforts – whether through printouts or digital media – they all need the right amount of commitment and resources. Therefore, you need to put your best on it, so as to ensure that it’ll yield better results!

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