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6 Strategies to Reconnect With Past Leads

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When you’re printing flyers and giving it away like nobody’s business, sometimes you might get some warm leads. On bad periods though, sales might go down. Whether you’re in a bit of a sales slump or trying to improve your sales strategy, reconnecting with past leads is an excellent way to boost your business. If your business is like most, you likely have a pile of old prospects filed away in a box somewhere.

These huge repositories of couldn’t-convert-to-buyers include circumstances of bad timing, temporary budget constraints, differences between old and future product types, and many other hiccups that may have occurred in the sales cycle.

But just because they once got shuffled into the forgotten pile doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause. With a little bit of elbow grease and the right strategy, you can reconnect with these old leads, follow through with a swing, and win new customers.

Get Social And Stay Connected

Block out an afternoon on your schedule and dedicate it to searching and connecting with those lost leads on social media. This doesn’t mean stalking them on Facebook. Instead, think Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter is great for this type of interested but not too interested connection because of its fast-paced environment and low character limits. This is ideal for frequent, casual interaction through supportive replies, re-Tweets, and favoriting. Such a strategy works because people like to be noticed.

The more you notice them in a direct and non-marketing type of way, the more they will take note of you and your business.

Make And Share Some News

A great way to reconnect with past leads is under the guise of news and updates. Maybe you recently changed locations or phone numbers, or added a new associate or service? If nothing monumental has occurred in your business, look around at local events and industry news. Whether it’s penning a short critique or bringing awareness to a new cause, sharing news by way of an email or traditional note is an excellent way to open that dusty door to old prospects/clients.

The idea is really to keep that connection alive. As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, you shouldn’t just be printing flyers in Singapore and giving out to people without following up with them.

Send A Little Luck

On the topic of mail, instead of sending the same marketing advertisement to every person on your mailing list, consider sending a few people a little extra fun. Pick five to fifteen of your past contacts that you want to reconnect with each month and buy the same number of scratch-off tickets. Mail each scratch-off ticket with a personalized note to your intended recipients wishing them a little luck.

Finish with a witty sentence about if they happen to win big, to visit your business. Depending on the nature of your business, you might even close with a request for a lunch appointment or similar face-to-face meetings.

Host A Party

Okay, this one’s going to take a bit more effort and is primarily applicable for businesses that rely on a local customer base. But for those who can make this work, it’s a great strategy for reconnecting with a ton of contacts all at once. You can call it a “Customer Appreciation Party” or simply an “End of Summer Bash”. In the Singapore context, you could probably host a reunion dinner during Chinese New Year, or organize a Christmas party.

Whatever your theme, the goal here is to invite all or a discerning mix of past leads and current customers. Be sure to include a note inviting them to invite their friends and family members. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of snacks, drinks, and a couple activities to break the ice and get the conversation really flowing.

Pick Up The Telephone

It’s so easy to hide behind computers and let the written word take care of everything. But if you’re going for a more personalized touch, consider the old telephone call. A brief and casual phone call is an excellent way to connect with past leads. It lets them know that they meant something as a potential or past client and lets you gather more information on where they are and what they might be interested in with regards to your product or service.

However, it’s important to note that while some people are most comfortable on the phone, others aren’t. Before reconnecting with old leads, be sure to recall how you first obtained contact and what the preferred contact with that person was in the past.

Even then, what’s the worst that could happen apart from being told “No”? So, if other attempts at reconnection have failed, might as well dial those digits and see if you can reignite their interest.

Introduce A New Customer Loyalty Program

This is another strategy that depends upon the nature of your business (real agents might be hard-pressed to make this work). Customer loyalty programs have a ton of proven benefits; they increase the frequency customers visiting a business, they increase how much they spend each time they do a visit, they provide an easy way to market your business 24/7, and they help you track customer spending habits.

When you send an email alerting past leads about the new program (see the dual benefit of combining this with strategy #2), add a personalized note listing an extra perk and discount to the emails of those old and forgotten leads.

Whether you utilize one, two, or all of the above strategies, just as important as the actual act of reconnection is what you do afterwards. Once you’ve gotten their interest back again, it’s time to update your records. This means more than listing an updated address, this means a new needs analysis. Consider where you lost them in the initial sales funnel and how things have changed since then. Maybe their business and personal goals and needs have changed, maybe your product line has.

A thorough analysis will help you improve your sales strategy, and you might even uncover new opportunities to help them.

One final, important suggestion:

No sales pitching!

While reconnecting with former leads is done with the purpose of forging new business opportunities between you and them, hard pitching straight out of the gate can chase them even further than they were before. In this game, slow and easy wins the race.

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