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6 Ways to Make Your Print Layout’s Call to Action Effective

Sure, you can always write the most effective and efficient copy for your printed marketing media; however, if a call to action isn’t clearly emphasized, it still wouldn’t amount to anything in return. Remember that in brochure printing, a call to action – in its most organic form – is an imperative sentence that instructs the readers to perform a task.

Call to action is absolutely crucial, as once you’ve enticed your audience on your brand, they need to have the know-how on the steps needed in order to acquire your product or service. In other words, a call to action phrases act a map that leads potential customers directly to your business.

The following are some tips on how you can write the most effective call to action before printing a brochure.

Always Understand What Your Readers Need

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Before you even begin with writing your call to action, you have to understand what you can offer to your audience and, more importantly, why they need it in the first place. The best practices for accomplishing this are 1.) To identify a problem your audience can relate to and 2.) Position your brand as a solution to that problem. For sure, this can make your call to action more enticing to the audience, as it gives them a reason to follow your instructions.

Utilize Actionable Phrases and Verbs

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Most, if not all, call to actions include a verb; although some are just stronger than others. Action words and phrases compel your reader to perform a specific action or task, which is the entire purpose of your call to action to begin with. Actionable verbs are those that can actually be carried out by a person in a literal sense. You can go with something like “Call us now for a free sample.” The example is quite actionable because “call” is a verb that can be carried out by a person. Above all, remember to be very specific with your verbs in order to achieve consistency with your readers.

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The Clarity

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In every call to action, clarity plays a very crucial role. Why? Because a call to action is only effective if it’s clearly understood by the audience. For starters, the font should be bold and easy to read; hence avoid small or overly fancy fonts. Moreover, the message itself should be easily understood and that it should spell out exactly what the audience should do and how it will benefit them. Write your call to action using simple language and avoid jargon or confusing terms.

The Action Should Be as Easy as Possible

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It’s important for readers to be able to go directly from the call to action to performing the task itself, thus make sure he has everything he needs to follow up. For instance, if you want your readers to call, provide a phone number and make it visible. However, you also have to consider what kind of phone number you use and if it presents any other problems to your customer.

For example, a customer is more willing to call a local number or a toll-free number than a long-distance number. If you want your customer to visit your website, provide an address. Nonetheless, if you also provide a QR code, then customers with smart phones or tablet devices can immediately visit your site without having to type an address.

Simplify Everything

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Source: Organize for Success

When it comes to writing a call to action, it’s important that it should be effective. Therefore, make sure that your audience is only being asked to complete one task. If you go for multiple phrases asking them to perform plethora of different tasks can only lead to them being confused. As a result, they’ll lose interest, as they think there is a lot of work involved. However, if you have to have multiple calls to action, make sure one is clearly dominant while the others are there to help work towards the main goal.

Create a Sense of Urgency

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A time limitation can make your call to action a little bit stronger. Why? It is because it adds a sense of urgency. However, this doesn’t always have to be a strict measurement of time; instead, just a general feeling of importance. Go for something like “Call us today,” as this type gives the audience a firm measurement of time to work with and creates a sense of importance. If your offer, for instance, does have limitations, make sure this is clearly outlined in your call to action. For example “Call now, supplies are limited” or “Call now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.”

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