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7 Design Techniques to Make Your Brochures Stand Out From Others

As brochure printing is gradually becoming more complex in terms of creativity and technology, it’s important that you always think outside of the box so as to come up with a very unique idea. Doing so will allow you to keep up with new set of design ideas as well as other technical necessities. So how can one design a brochure that can stand out and be a start of talks? Well, one way to ensure it is by examining your brochure’s overall physicality – from the folding techniques to the contents.

Well, here are few ideas to stir that creative juices of yours. Keep them mind so you can create a brochure that clearly stands out!

Try to Corporate Loose-Leaf Inserts

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Source: Ali Express

Whether you believe it or not, a corporate folder that has loose-leaf inserts can really look stylish. Heck it can even incorporate all sorts of optional extras (DVDs, CDs, postcards, business cards, fact-files, etc.). Try to do it, as you can really make a great deal especially when you want to add a twist on your brochure.

Just keep in mind that the most useful thing about this kind of approach is that you are free to customize your brochure or in accordance with a certain client of yours. You only need to know the certain kind of elements needed before going to a company that offers brochure printing in Singapore.

Fold it Like an Origami

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Source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Don’t you know that if the folding paper technique used in brochures is actually cost-effective? Yes, you heard that right! In fact, it’s even the most memorable way to connect with your audience. You can even include a vast surprising amount of information within a relatively small space – yes, doing it is always possible! Just be careful when to use this approach, since brochures that don’t lie flat can be more difficult for your clients to keep and refer back to.

The Tabs

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Source: Pinterest

Something as simple as adding tabs to your brochure can have an immediate effect in terms of usability and navigation. And combining tabs with a strong, confident use of color and striking typography means that it can look good too.

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Die Cuts or Cut Cuts

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Source: Advantage Converting

Without doubt, die-cutting can lend some visual interest to a brochure, and when used in conjunction with careful layout design, can be very effective and even add to the message of the brochure itself. The technique is typically used on front covers, but with a bit of creativity, can be applied anywhere within the body of the brochure too. Just make sure to use this approach with right design, so as to convey the right consistency and notion.

Try to Incorporate a Lot of Unusual Shapes

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Source: Learning Mind

There are a whole lot of reasons why most brochures are square or rectangular, from layout issues and printing techniques through to packaging and even psychological considerations. But now and again it’s nice to break out of the box. Or out of the square, so to speak. Not only can an unusually shaped brochure create a talking point, but in some cases it can contribute to the marketing potential and brand awareness of the piece.

Use Binding Techniques

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Source: Pinterest

Choosing an unusual binding method for your brochure can create a strong first impression. Since the majority of brochures are saddle-stitched (or perfect bound, if they are longer), almost anything else can catch your readers’ attention. So spiral-bound or your choice of binding will, of course, affect your brochure printing costs, but unusual bindings needn’t be expensive. From threading or sewing, through to using an unusual clip or pin, it doesn’t have to be pricey or complicated to be effective. When combined with bright yellow, this spiral-bound brochure design from Hype & Slippers gave GHA a solid branding sense and allowed their information to shine through.

Just Keep it Real

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Source: Pinterest

Always make sure that the choices you make about the physical look and feel of your brochure tie in with the company’s branding, style and the message they want to give. So if you’re designing for a top-end luxury restaurant, it’s unlikely that a graffiti-style die-cut front cover is going to fit the bill, no matter how cool it looks. You get the picture.

We here at ExpressColour always find new ways to make every brochure stand out from the rest. We don’t stick with ordinary – we always go for the extraordinary! If you want your brochures to be totally different and effective from others, give us a call and we’ll be more than willing to help you out!

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