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7 Postcard Marketing Ideas Your Business Should Learn

In a digital world of websites and social media sties, marketing your business can be bit hard and tiring. You go from one strategy to another, yet you reap the same disappointing results. But, really, it is better sometimes that when marketing your business,             postcard printing is the best option to choose. As out of date as that may sound (although not really), direct-mail marketing ensures your message will be seen. It’s up to you, though, to make your marketing message extraordinary. Therefore, you need to ensure that everything you put on it, as well as the necessary details (design, size, etc.) are met.

To start, it is best that you use awesome design to boost your postcard to the top of the “read” pile of your target audience. Below are some postcard marketing design ideas you might want to keep in mind before launching your next campaign.

It Should Contain Striking Imagery

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Source: ScoopNest


Don’t settle for a plain photograph of something that is simply relevant. Instead, shoot for the stars with imagery that sets the tone and is interesting enough to turn heads with only a glance. Your audience should relate to your postcard. Tap into the powers of color and shading to accentuate key graphic elements that emphasize your postcard’s message and elicit just the right sentiment from recipients.

Keep it Short and Simple

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Source: BeeKeting

According to a postcard printing in Singapore, your postcard copy should be short and sweet. A single line or two is often enough. You can use design with text to send a clear message. Experiment with different typefaces, colors, patterns and other filters and manipulations to make your text stand out as imagery in its own right. A large attention-getting headline with a short line of offer copy and a bold, well-defined call to action is perfect for most postcards.

Pack it with Whitespaces

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Source: Design Modo

Whitespace is your friend. Without it, your postcard will appear cluttered and your message convoluted. No one will take a second look, much less read it and take action. When you use whitespace to give your other postcard elements room to breathe, they’ll stand out as aesthetically attractive artworks that deserve attention. People like to look at beautiful things, and so a beautifully designed postcard is exactly what you need to get that crucial focus necessary to motivate response.

Get the Best Size

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Source: Enzo Creative

Oversized postcards printed at 6-inch by 9-inch or 6-inch by 11-inch are next to impossible to ignore, and so investing in an extra-large postcard is justified. Again, it is absolutely imperative that your postcard design is able to grab attention before it does anything else. This will do the trick.

Understand Your Brand and Market

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Source: Boost One Web

You are your brand, your branding is the artwork you put out there, and it should appeal to your target market, the people you want to work with. If it doesn’t, either change your branding, or change your market. As inexpensive as postcards are, there’s no point wasting money on promoting to markets to which you are not a good fit.

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Learn to Be Patient

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Source: Affleck Eye Care

Usually, a good mail-out will result in at least some very immediate response. That means your card made its way across the desk of an Art Director just as they were considering whom to place for a job which your style was appropriate for. If you don’t hear anything though do not be disheartened. Time and time again I’ve heard it expressed by art directors that this only means you weren’t the right person for that job at that moment. The great thing about postcards is that if they like your work they will hold on to it. I have literally gotten a call from an art director that was the result of a card I had sent out three years prior. She had liked my work, and wanted to work with me, but I just had to wait for that right project to come along for which I was a perfect fit.

Print it with Superb Quality

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Source: CopyPress


Who will be printing your postcard is a decision not always left up to the designer, but you would be wise to at least request a say in the process. First of all, it helps to know what kind of paper the postcard will be printed on and what finish will be applied before you begin designing so you can perfect your color combinations. Second, the quality of the finished postcard can directly influence the impression recipients have for the quality of the products and services offered. Print your postcards on 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte paper stocks for best results.

At ExpressColour, we use state-of-the-art printing technology and up-to-date postcard ideas to ensure that your business’s marketing strategies are meet. Know what milestones your company can reach by giving us a call – now!

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