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8 Essential Guidelines When Creating a Fantastic Postcard Design

Being misunderstood is not something you would want to get from your postcard design, as it’s one of the most common issues companies face when creating postcards. According to a postcard printing Singapore business, in the past, postcards have been deemed as a fixture of personal communications. However, today, it has become a very indispensable direct marketing tool.

Both the cost effective price and great return rates are two traits that have made postcards a fantastic investment for any type of business. The question that remains, though: How should one go when designing postcards? Although there’s no absolute way to go about it, a follow of some simple guidelines are enough to make it effective.

Headlines Should Be Concise and Clear

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Image Source: Quantum Digital

If you want a better return on your investment (which you certainly do), then you must make sure that your headline are both concise and clear. Sure, your recipient might want what you’re offering; however, if it doesn’t convey the right messages, chances are they wouldn’t subscribe to your services and/or products.

Go for Eye-Catching and Relevant Images

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Image Source: MD Faruk Khan

It’s safe to say that eye-catching images are good, but if you want to make it better, couple it with relevant images. If the images you put get stuck in your customers’ mind, they’d certainly go after your business. Nonetheless, don’t just go for images that are relevant to your business; pick those that are crucial to conveying your brand’s message.

Use Copyrighted Images

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Image Source: Art Net

Whether you believe it or not, copyrighted images project the right ideas to your customers. Hence always go for images that give you the permission to use. Or if you will opt for someone to do it instead, always give due credit to the artist(s). If you do it the other way around, it would be unfair to the person who made it and would reflect badly on your company’s reputation.

Find Out the Postcard Specifications with Your Local Postal Service

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Image Source: USPS

It would really be a shame to invest so much time and resources on a postcard design only to find out at the end that it’s actually unmailable. If you will go, say, with a postcard printing in Singapore, the company should be able to let you know what you exactly need. For example, they can tell you the correct postcard sizes needed for it to be mailed.


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Image Source: Gabrielle Maston

In every postcard design, it is important that it is specifically tailored towards your target audience for better marketing. That means, if your design involves a woman with bikinis on it, chances are it might not work very well if your target market includes a couple of little old ladies. Likewise, a design with macramé angels might not work so well for younger people. Therefore, come to a point that the context of your postcard design effectively works to the intended audience.

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One Idea per Card

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Image Source: Coaching for Leaders

This the common mistakes that businesses do when it comes to designing their postcards. They tend to satiate their postcards with plethora of ideas. The key is to focus on one idea, as it easier for your target audience to digest what you’re trying to communicate. Remember that not only will you have to say one thing, you would also have to tell it well. Besides, postcards are not that big to start with, so why bloat it with tons of ideas.

Call to Action

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Image Source: Presta Shop

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that this is the sole reason why you’re sending out postcards to your target audience. Although direct-mailing with postcards can sometimes net a relatively high response rate in relation to expenses, it would still be so much better to try what you could to fine-tune your design. In fact, an improvement of even half a percent can potentially translate into thousands of additional responses. Isn’t that something you’d want to achieve at the first place?

Weigh All of Your Printing Costs

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Image Source: Beta News

Sure, it is fine to opt for printing at home, as you always have the freedom to choose. However, keep in mind that making a one-off or more compared to a handful of prints is almost way more expensive than going with a professional printer. Moreover, it is a fact that home printing simply does not offer the economy of scale offered by any industrial offsets and digital printers. If you plan to go on a direct mailing campaign, home printing should not be your option, as it simply does not make no economic sense at all.

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