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Amazing Designs For Postcards

Now that you’ve decided to print your own postcards, time to get started on the postcard design! Although postcard printing is nothing new, but the human creativity never ceases to bring freshness into something that’s been around for a long time (In addition to being the main drive of technology evolution, really, what would we do without creativity?). Let’s take a look at the magic behind some amazing postcard designs for inspiration!

More than just a piece of paper

Granted, all postcards are more than just a piece of paper, it’s the fondness that comes with the card, the letting your loved ones know you’re thinking of them even when you’re far away. Even commercial postcards carry a certain degree of closeness and are sitting in your inbox to deliver a message.

But, we’re talking about literally, more than a piece of paper here. Just because postcard is traditionally defined as one piece of paper to write a short message on, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Add some personal touch that goes along with the message or theme, it’d be a little more than just printing for the production, but it will make a lot more of a difference when it’s buried in the mailbox along with many other mails and cards. Take this postcard with shoestring for example, go ahead and try not to notice it in a stack of mail!

inspirational design for postcard printing

Image source: designbeep.com

Your message is totally not shoes related? Don’t worry. We can leave shoestring behind. I mean, strings are everywhere, why not on a postcard?

postcard printing

Image source: inhabitat.com

Plus, the arrangement makes it feel like a present, and everybody likes presents! The red strings on black and white postcard is also a genius idea, making the post card simple, elegant but also fun and eyes catching.

3D it!

As much as it is already a delight to receive a handwritten postcard, a funky postcard never hurts anyone either. Postcards have long evolved from scenery pictures on the back, and now, you can even choose to make it pop by, literally having something pops up out of the postcard!

design for postcard printing

Image source: www.onextrapixel.com

Sure, there is no fun graphic design nor amazing scenery picture, but you have to admit, this is a lot more fun than both of those. And instead of sitting in a shoebox along with other mail after being read, this postcard might actually get a spot on the shelf or even your friend’s desk!

Back to basics

Back to basics, a glorious Christina Aguilera album and also a popular concept in all areas of art and design. If you are not really into the whole funky and flashy vibe, just a simple, clean cut design can make your postcard stands out just as much as a flashy one. After all, it’s always nice to see something simple and clean when 90% of your inbox is filled with colorful flyers and magazines.

creative design for postcard printing

Image source: artatm.com

postcard printing

Image source: underworldmagazines

Postcard printing

Image source: underworldmagazines

The big kid inside of everyone

Everybody knows someone who is a full grown adult but also still just a big kid at heart. The thing is, everyone has at least a little bit of that inside. Which is why sometimes it’s fun to let it out and play a little.

And what better way to also let your friend have a little fun after she or he reads your nice little message on the postcard?

Turn your postcard into a mini project manual and material and let your friend know what they can do with the card after they read your message!

postcard printing

Image source: oddstuffmagazine.com

Of course, there are still many amazing postcard designs that are a lot less complicated and just as awesome. And even though I said postcards have long evolved from just scenery pictures, know that there’s still, absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m sure we are all well aware of the existence of scenery postcards, and there’s a reason why they’re still around in 2015 with technology overtaking almost every part of our lives and almost everything is getting more fun and edgy.

In the end of the day, everyone enjoys a good shot of the great outdoors, so if you have the money shot, go ahead and put it on your postcard and blow all your friends’ mind!

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