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Beautiful Print Advertisements For Inspiration

Every day we are surrounded by various advertisements and product promotions. Though sometimes, ads are just marketing strategies to promote a certain product or service, it embodies the nature of art which apparently attract customers. Print ads and flyer printing in Singapore has been considered as a powerful medium for delivering the message across the globe.

Innovative print ads campaigns create a big impact the in most industries emerging in a place where competition is high in the market.  With the emergence of digital media, it’s hard to notice the art behind print ads. Despite the success that the digital media achieve, businesses still need something – a concept which will remain in people’s mind. Cheap flyer printing in Singapore could even produce vintage posters, flyers, and brochures for advertisements and promotions.

These examples of print advertisements will guarantee inspiration for your next project. 

UNEP: Skyline

flyer printing singapore

(source: adsoftheworld.com)

This print ad was made to raise awareness to people about global warming and environment conservation. The simplicity of the advertisement adds more value and power to the message for viewers to recognize its true essence. A skyline within the ice depicts how global warming destroys the environment and how it can affect the future generation.

Rolling Stone

flyer printing in singapore

(source: creativebloq )

A rock music combined with features of Photoshop results to a simple yet powerful and striking print ad. This creative execution of print ad for the music magazine Rolling Stone attracts more customers specifically music lovers to ardently love music. The ad is a combination of brand’s attitudes, ethos, and product using a signature font to promote the rock star aesthetic.


flyer printing in singapore

(source: creativebloq )

Ignite your engine and prepare for adventure with this new print ad made for Volkswagen. The print ad made by a talented agency invites people to turn on an adventure in 620 miles in just a single tank of fuel. The ad agency came up with a clever idea featuring three images of car keys groves which are dramatical transformed into a city and mountain landscape.


flyer printing in singapore

(source: creativebloq )

Another McDonald print ad has been developing that features a potato carved out to produce a box of fries. Due to the tight competition among fast food restaurants, McDonalds came up with another innovative way of advertising its product to its customers. The striking print ad design creates a big impact to how the customers think about McDonalds compare to other fast food chains.

National Geographic Kids Magazine

flyer printing in singapore

(source: creativebloq )

Everyone is familiar with the National Geographic magazine. It’s a well – respected and famous source of information of knowledge and information about nature, people, and animals. However, kids these days will never notice the importance of National Geographic without having a striking and playful print ad.

So, they came up with an advertisement combining technology and nature. The print ad contains a flock of blue birds crafted in a 3D software next to the real life bird. This idea makes the nature standout and an eye – catcher to kids.

Zoo Safari

flyer printing in singapore

(source: coloribus.com)

The new print ad for Zoo Safari lives up to its tagline, “Blend in”. The ad is a combination of photography and Photoshop to make the ad more sophisticated and meaningful. Other Zoo Safari print ads also feature a gorilla and a tiger which depicts sense and humor.

Print Ads are still the Best

Print ads such as brochures and flyers do not have motion and sound, yet they are capable of attracting and inducing people to patronize a certain product. With a striking image combined with a concise and clear message, print ads will remain as one of the best marketing tactics for business promotion.

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