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Best Print Ads Layout for Flyer Printing

Before internet really took off, marketing strategies heavily relied on offline events and offline marketing. Amazingly, even with internet taking up a huge part of almost everyone’s life right now, offline marketing and events still plays a significant role in any marketing strategy. And the one thing that goes hand in hand with both offline marketing and events is flyer. Tons and tons of flyers printing and distributing for either a marketing campaign, marketing event are essential for any marketing strategy across all industries. Flyers play a key role in all of the above. Even a simple brochure is essentially a variety of flyer, hence the design of your flyer is actually the most important thing before you start printing flyers.

So what is the most important thing about flyers printing? The one thing about flyers printing is, just like everything that’s of significance, there are already a huge amount of different flyers flowing around in the market. Your target audience has probably seen it all. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on the design altogether. Because it is still possible to catch consumers’ eyes, even when they have already seen hundreds of flyers. And, on a side note, it’s only in the hundreds and likely less, it would have been a lot more difficult if the number is in the range of thousands or millions…

So, the first question you ask yourself when it comes to flyers is: What can I do or put on a piece of paper to


Catch Their Attention


There are a few common ways to effectively deliver and grab your audience’s attention, as you might have guessed, the first one is about proportion.

What are your key messages? How short can you make them? Minimize the word count and make them big. Like, really big, then surround it with minimal (but essential) details, which are, also short and to the point.

flyer printing

Image source: Canva.com

This approach is universally friendly to all kind of audience. The busy professionals and homemakers get the message with just one (inevitable) look, and for those who has a few seconds to spare, they’ll conveniently get all the necessary information without having to look for it.

If you have a lot of text, then keep this in mind: Stock photos are your best friends.
Of course, nobody is stopping you from using your very own photos, the key is, a clear photo with excellent lighting can go very far when it comes to attention grabbing. Always make sure the photo is easy on the eyes (As oppose to the very artistic kind of photo with a mix of dark colors or similar colors… etc).

flyer printing

Image source: layoutready.com

Finally, if neither of the above is your style, there’s always a traditional wisdom somewhere to follow, in this case, in the great words of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-born architect who is widely acknowledged as one of the 20th century’s greatest architects:

Less is More

Less is more, a phrase used by the architects for the minimal design concept, which works out so well that you can see this concept in many different form of art, such as painting, interior design and much more.

Although there’s more than a couple good reasons to design a colorful flyer layout: To catch your audience’s attention, to incorporate the colors of your business’s logo to improve brand awareness, to create a lively, delightful tune for your audience to associate with the event or your brand or even to broadcast the uniqueness of your brand… etc. But there’s also one strong reason to keep things simple – To stand out.

flyer printing

Image source: creatviemarket.com

A white background with no extra design instantly makes your flyer elegant, especially in a sea of colorful flyers full of text, the “less is more” approach always stands out.

And if your business is hoping to create a more pop- culture and laid back vibe, the simple black and white, minimal design can do it just fine as well.

flyer printing

Image source:browseideas.com

Whatever layout you decide to go with, don’t forget to run it through your printing provider to make sure it is feasible with your chosen paper size and material. It always helps to choose an experienced printing company to handle flyers with thoughtful designs and/or layouts as they’re more likely to have come across most if not all potential problems and can offer advice or solutions even before the printing starts to avoid them. They can also give you some tips and suggestions before you start your design process. For example, at express colour , we recently talked about the role of colors in ads.

So pay your printing store a visit for a perfect outcome and smooth production, if you don’t have one yet, we will be more than delighted to assist you with your printings here at express colour!

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