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6 Ways to Make Your Print Layout’s Call to Action Effective

Sure, you can always write the most effective and efficient copy for your printed marketing media; however, if a call to action isn’t clearly emphasized, it still wouldn’t amount to anything in return. Remember that in brochure printing, a call to action – in its most organic form – is an imperative sentence that instructs the readers to perform a task. Call to action is absolutely crucial, as once you’ve …Read More

Comic Inspired Postcards Designs

When it comes to postcards, people tend to think of destination postcards – the ones with a big picture, or multiple pictures of famous scenery, or something elegant, sometimes even commercial (The BIG SALES COMING UP flyers in disguise of postcards). But I think we can all agree that there is a small part of us that will just never grow up. And from time to time, it’s fun to …Read More

Top Creative Print Advertisement Campaigns

The world of advertisement is always a fun place, and is that one industry that despite the fact that the internet has taken over virtually just about everything… It still has a high focus on print advertisement. Over time, print advertisement has become an important part of people’s memory and often the representative icon for a generation. Before you start printing flyers for your business, keep in mind that your …Read More

Materialistic Design For Brochure Printing

Brochure is a great way to raise brand awareness and introduce your business to more people offline, which is still just as powerful as online marketing. And for the exact same reason, brochure printing is often the key to your offline marketing campaign. There are thousands, and possibly millions of different kinds of brochures with different styles, and choosing a style for your brochure is just as important as the …Read More

Best Print Ads Layout for Flyer Printing

Before internet really took off, marketing strategies heavily relied on offline events and offline marketing. Amazingly, even with internet taking up a huge part of almost everyone’s life right now, offline marketing and events still plays a significant role in any marketing strategy. And the one thing that goes hand in hand with both offline marketing and events is flyer. Tons and tons of flyers printing and distributing for either …Read More

Beautiful Print Advertisements For Inspiration

Every day we are surrounded by various advertisements and product promotions. Though sometimes, ads are just marketing strategies to promote a certain product or service, it embodies the nature of art which apparently attract customers. Print ads and flyer printing in Singapore has been considered as a powerful medium for delivering the message across the globe. Innovative print ads campaigns create a big impact the in most industries emerging in …Read More

How To Choose A Color Theme For Your Brochure

Picking a color theme for a brochure is as difficult as trying to think of an article title, especially if you’re running a new business that needs to establish a reputation. Though there are numerous brochure printing services that can help you in the design phase, it’s best if you already have a clear idea of what you want and the colors you should use. Note that not everybody will …Read More

5 Pieces Of Information Your Flyers Need To Have

When customers use our cheap flyer printing service, they usually ask us what are the important information to include in their flyers. To identify the pieces of information you need to include in your flyer, you must first identify your target customer. These questions would help you? What is the age of my ideal customer? What common demographics do they share in common? Ethnic background, type of business, country etc. …Read More

How An Effective Color Scheme Can Improve Flyer Conversions

Colours give flavour and personality to the world around us. Colours have such an impact on our perception of the world that it can influence whether we find something pleasant or an eyesore, or if we even notice it at all. How does this apply to your flyer campaign? If your flyer is plain and uninteresting, your customers will pass their eyes over it without so much as a second …Read More

6 Tips to Use Graphics in an Effective Flyer Campaign

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as true today as it was when it was first coined by Arthur Brisbane in a newspaper advertisement back in 1911. Today however, “pictures” in advertising encompasses much more than just photographs or graphics. Instead, it includes any visual that impacts how your message is perceived. Corporations spend untold billions of dollars a year trying to portray their brand …Read More