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Marketing Tips

How to Find Cheap Flyer Printing Services for Your Business

Are you trying to grow your business with a small budget? Now that the internet is getting bigger and bigger with more and more information dumped on the world wide web every day, offline marketing and branding has become more and more important to raise brand awareness and just get the words out there to let people know about your business and the services you offer. And to do that, …Read More

High Quality Flyer Printing in Singapore

Being one of Asia’s biggest financial and business hub, Singapore is always full of energy and happenings. Although almost every multinational company with a presence in Asia has an office in Singapore, the small – medium sized businesses also do its part to make Singapore such a vibrant town. And a key to any marketing and branding to business of any size, even in the digital age we live in …Read More

Creative Writing Tips for Your Flyer’s Content

So you have decided to use flyers to strengthen your offline marketing and raise brand awareness for your business? Great! Flyer printing is a common and popular offline marketing tool, it is effective and get right “out there” to your customers and potential customers. Exactly because of this, a lot of flyers are being handed out each day, perhaps even too many. You can often notice people politely taking in …Read More

Materialistic Design For Brochure Printing

Brochure is a great way to raise brand awareness and introduce your business to more people offline, which is still just as powerful as online marketing. And for the exact same reason, brochure printing is often the key to your offline marketing campaign. There are thousands, and possibly millions of different kinds of brochures with different styles, and choosing a style for your brochure is just as important as the …Read More

Let Your Business Be Discovered!

No matter how great your product or service is, or how unique, innovative it is, none of those matter if you can’t get the words out and let people know about it. And so born the advertisement. There are many forms of advertisement, some edgy, like outdoor screen video commercial, some subtle, like online reviews. And for a big (yet also small) city that attracts large amount of tourists every …Read More

Best Print Ads Layout for Flyer Printing

Before internet really took off, marketing strategies heavily relied on offline events and offline marketing. Amazingly, even with internet taking up a huge part of almost everyone’s life right now, offline marketing and events still plays a significant role in any marketing strategy. And the one thing that goes hand in hand with both offline marketing and events is flyer. Tons and tons of flyers printing and distributing for either …Read More

5 Lessons From Hollywood About Creating A Buzz

Hollywood marketing is perhaps the best contemporary example of product promotion. They strategically build up excitement for the movie premiere, and done correctly, guarantee that a movie will be successful before it is even released. While blockbuster movies have can afford to dump cash into advertising, many of their strategies can still be applied successfully on a much smaller scale and should be integrated into any marketer’s toolkit such as …Read More

Impress Your Clients with Your Postcard Printing

Have you ever considered impressing your clients through sending some emails? Then postcard printing could be the best choice for you. Like inventors searching for better tactic, designers and marketers have been using several strategies to create a better postcard until today. They have been using different platforms to apply the principles that can produce a high quality, better postcards for whatever marketing purposes. Here are some of the things …Read More

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty You Can Implement Now

Many businesses often find themselves focusing on marketing tactics that will help them to gain new customers. While this is an important part of growing a successful company, you don’t want to lose sight of the vital element of keeping your current customers. It can be easy to neglect your current customers when you’re so focused on getting new ones, yet the majority of your sales over the lifespan of …Read More