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Color Psychology: The Perfect Color to Stimulate Your Customer’s Mind

Visual cues and colors can have a dramatic impact on creating a positive image for brochure printing business. The red and yellow colors used in McDonald’s logo, for instance, has the power to call the attention of its customers and patronize its products. The same is true for IBM and UPS.

Choosing a dominant color which will appear in your promotional materials, brochures and flyers, logo, and product packaging is crucial. You need to choose something that works with your industry and your image. The good color choice will help you promote your brand by setting an emotional level to your customers in terms of how they feel about your products when they look at it.

To give you an idea, here are the colors that some successful companies is using to make their brand stand out in the market. You may also want to use some of it in your brochure printing if you want.


Red color increases heart rate, raises blood pressure, and activates pituitary gland. According to the color psychology, red stimulates energy and appetite, making it a desirable color for restaurants, fast foods, and any food – related product or service. Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and Target are just some of the successful corporations that use red as their signature color in their banners and brochures to draw attention and convey a strong message to their customers.


Go for orange if you plan to establish a playful, fun, and friendly brand to your customers. Orange evokes vitality, fun, and exuberance. The lighter shades appeal to an upscale market and usually works well with restaurants, beauty salons, and health care. Orange telecommunications has already taken the color as its signature. Home Depot and Easygroup also joined the group and use orange as their trademark for advertising and promotion.


Corporations that use yellow in their logos wants to have a positive, vibrant, and an optimistic aura to their brands. Yellow stimulates a response from the audience than other colors. McDonalds, Veuve Clicquot, Caterpillar, and JCB are just some of the corporations that use yellow colors in their logo and advertising brochures.


Green color projects positivity, rebirth, and nature. It also signifies endurance, abundance, and prosperity. John Deere Company uses green to successfully distinguish itself from other brands. Harrods and Starbucks also use green to associate its brand with wealth and privilege.

Choosing the Right Color for your Brand

Colors provoke different emotions and reactions to people. Integrating the right color to your logo will help you achieve the expected results you want for your business. When choosing a color for your brand, some criteria must be taken into consideration.

  • Target Audience

Find out who your audience are and the mood that they need to be in to engage in your brand.  Identify which color affects your audience in different ways and how can it bring nuance to your message using the right shade and tone.

  • The Culture

Colors can mean different things to people who are living in different parts of the world with different cultures. Perceptions of colors vary according to race, age, gender, religion and social class. When you select a color to put in your brochures and print materials, base it according to the area’s demographics and psychographics.

When you pick a color, do it not because you are driven by the whims of your creative director or the personal taste of the CEO. Understand your company and carefully define its value before choosing the right color that best represents your brand.

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