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Comic Inspired Postcards Designs

When it comes to postcards, people tend to think of destination postcards – the ones with a big picture, or multiple pictures of famous scenery, or something elegant, sometimes even commercial (The BIG SALES COMING UP flyers in disguise of postcards).

But I think we can all agree that there is a small part of us that will just never grow up. And from time to time, it’s fun to embrace that. More often than not, people have been choosing to express that adorable part of themselves through postcards.

Yes, postcards! As unlikely as it seems, postcards are actually doing a great job to let you go just a little wild with your inner kid self. Let’s take a look at some of them:


The franchise comic book character postcards

Like this wonder woman postcard

postcard printing

Image source: www.zazzle.com

Do you secretly think someone you know is a real life wonder woman? Is wonder woman your alter ego?

Now you can subtly let it be known with this postcard.


The cartoon postcards

Of course, not all comic postcards are of actual characters from comic books. Sometimes a simple destination postcard can also be extra fun by adding the comic twist to it. Traveling without your loved ones and wishing they were with you to see all the things you’re seeing? You can pick up a good old fashioned scenery postcard printing and let them know how much you wish you were sharing the precious moment with them, or….

Postcard printing

Image source: comicartfestival.com

…You really let them know and put a smile on their face while doing it. The festiveness in comic postcards works just fine on all ages.


Your childhood cartoon best friends on postcards

Of course, there is also the obvious comic postcard choices – if you are sending out comic postcards, why not send the ones of characters that you loved so much as a child and really get in touch with your inner kid self?

postcard printing

Image source: aliexpress.com

Not only will these postcard printing take you out for a walk down memory lane, the chance is, you and your friend probably share the same childhood cartoon memories, and these are the perfect bridge between you and your friends and a great reminder of those not a worry in the world great times as a kid.


The comic postcards that give out a giggle

Now that we have established that comic postcards, and comic inspired postcards, are a lot of fun. But can they also be funny?

postcard printing

Image source: legionofsuperbloggers.blogspot.com

Ouch, superman being rejected admission to the super-hero club? That is borderline injustice, right? I mean, his name already starts with the word “super”!

As much as it might seem to be injustice (or at least to me…), it is mildly funny though!

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And then there are also joke focused comic postcards for those of you would love to get a giggle out of your friends and loved ones.

postcard printing

Image source: comicsdc.blogspot.com

I’m sure we all have that one friend who is always the first one to get hammered on a Saturday night…And often the last one to stay hammered and requires assistance to get home. This seems like the perfect postcard for him/her! And if YOU were that friend in your group of friends, your friends will probably get a bigger kick out of this postcard.


Or, that friend who is always at the gym? (And by that friend, I mean, you?)

comic postcard printing

Image source: judyspostcardsplus.blogspot.com


The let’s make real life a Cartoon postcards

And sometimes, just sometimes, don’t we all wish that real life is like cartoon?

postcard printing

Image source: uk.picclick.com

Sure, you can get the real photography of the exact same spot as a postcard and send it to your friends, but what’s the fun in that, really?


The comic strip postcards

Now, last but not least. Remember, your postcard can certainly be the comic strips itself. Yes, that’s a thing. Don’t believe me? Here’s a box of someone’s comic postcards collection.

postcard printing

Image source: www.tennants.co.uk

Here is a comic strip postcard that perfectly capture the everyday interaction of most couples, if not all. Suitable for just about everyone.

postcard printing

Image source: wondermark.com

Fun? Check. Funny? Check. Relatable? Check.

What can’t comic postcards do?


And now, this brilliant, fun commercial postcard that really brings life to the often boring business postcard

Postcard printing

Image source: nichecartoons.com

Granted, finding the perfect comic postcard can be quite a journey. But hey, you can always do it yourself. At expresscolour, we are familiar, and experienced with the process. Why don’t you swing by for a chat and see what we can do for you?

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