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10 Creative Postcard Marketing Techniques

Whenever people think of print advertising, their thoughts immediately drift towards flyers and brochures. Flyers and brochures have been around ever since the invention of the printing press, and for good reason. They’ve been around a long time because they work.

There’s little doubt that print advertising can be more effective than email advertising. But the popular brochure and flyer has a little brother that’s often overlooked. That’s right, you read it in the title: Postcards.

Why use Postcards?

Postcards are not only cost effective, they’re actually a very good way of setting yourselves apart from your competitors. There’s no doubting that a well-designed brochure or flyer can be highly effective forms of marketing, but they each serve different purposes.

As mentioned in a previous article, in general flyers are more effective for grabbing attention and awareness campaigns while brochures are more effective for providing valuable information at the fingertips of target audiences. In terms of reach, flyers are generally distributed en masse, with very limited targeting.

While dispersing your advertising materials in his way will naturally result in a very low conversion rate, the low cost of flyer printing makes this a viable solution for awareness campaigns where the objective is to introduce prospective clients into the buying funnel.

Brochures are on the opposite end of the scale. Brochure printing comes with a higher cost than flyers, but are loaded with information to target prospective clients who are deeper into the buying funnel. Brochures target potential customers in the learning phase, where they are already interested in your product.

Hence brochures have a higher conversion rate and are often only handed out to qualified leads. A qualified lead may even keep the brochure for months before making a purchase decision.

A postcard falls somewhere in the middle, both in terms of cost and reach. Postcards are seen as more personal than flyers or brochures. If you need any proof, postcard collecting is actually a common hobby but flyer collecting or brochure collecting as a hobby is virtually non-existent.

Because postcards are rarely used for promotions, this creates a unique opportunity for creative businesses to set themselves apart from the competition and to connect with customers on a personal level. And since postcards are so personal, many of your leads will keep the postcard with them even if they don’t find it immediately relevant.

This allows themselves to be exposed to your message over and over again until either they one day dig it up years later and find it relevant, or their friend mentions they are looking for a product or service you offer and your company comes to mind. A business that gives them a postcard is likely a business they will remember in time to come.

Postcards are usually mailed to past or present customers to bring them back to your business, or to potential customers in a demographic that will likely be interested in your product or service. In this article we detail some creative ways you can make your postcard engaging to bring back old customers or to put your business in the radar of new customers.

1) Adapt an infographic of past promotional materials into a postcard and sent out to customers or leads

Have you previously created any promotional material or infographic for your clients? Can you adapt those materials into a postcard format? Doing this is a quick and easy way to increase the reach of old content to connect with customers and leads with a personal touch.

2) Make your postcard a coupon

A postcard in the mail is something people take note of. A postcard in the mail WITH a coupon they can use to save money? That’s something they’ll take note of even more.

3) Incentives: Give a discount or a free gift in return for a response

Who doesn’t like free stuff? But even if your leads or customers don’t respond, hope is not lost. People are procrastinators. How many times have we found something we intend to do, only to shelve it away in our never ending stack of “to-do” lists?

Nonetheless if the postcard is pretty enough, they’re likely to hold onto it for a while even after the promotion is over. And holding on to it will increase the chance of them converting into a customer sometime in the future.

4) Appreciation: Thank your customers for a purchase, offer discount for their loyalty

Everyone loves to be appreciated, especially customers. And when customers connect with a business that appreciates them and provides them with the goods or services they want, customers reciprocate through brand loyalty. They’ll rave about your business to all their friends and family. That’s additional marketing for you at no additional cost!

5) Understand their fear, and give them a solution

Oftentimes, people know they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing, but can’t find a more convenient or effective way of going about it. For example, most people know they shouldn’t overcharge their mobile phones due to how it can lower the lifespan of our batteries, but everyone either:

a) Does it anyway, or
b) Don’t do it and fly into a panic in the morning when they realise their battery is almost flat and they have no time to charge it

Are you selling a charger with an automatic cut-off timer? With a well-designed postcard, you can tell them about how they can prolong the lifespan of their phone’s battery by setting your charger to only charge for a predetermined number of hours.

Each day your potential clients keep the postcard is another day they’re reminded of how much they need your product!

6) Referral card sale: Offer customer credits for every friend they bring, and extend discount to their friend too

This serves as both an incentive for them to recommend customers to you, while at the same time establishing a good working relationship with new customers.

7) Create a Useful How-to Guide

Taking full advantage of a postcard’s “keep me” factor, offer a simple step by step guide detailing how to do something, while tying it in to your product. Create a simple illustration about how to tie a tie, and then pitch your ties to them. Something personal AND useful? Yes please.

8) Warn of upcoming events that can affect them

Is the government initiating a new grant to help companies expand their employees’ skillsets? Let them know how your courses can help improve their company’s productivity, and how they can take advantage of the grant!

9) Event invitations: Invite customers for an event

Who doesn’t want to be included? An eye-catching postcard design not only gets their attention, but may be kept long enough to remind them in the days leading up to the event, ultimately increasing the turn-up rate!

10) Follow up with customers after events (e.g IT show)

You’ve just spent a bomb to get that booth at an event to get leads, and now after the event you’re unsure if any of the leads you got from the event are going to convert. Postcards are a fun and personal way to reach out to those contacts and let them know you’ll be there for them when they’re ready for your product or service!

Let your imagination flow

While these are all effective ways to boost your marketing efforts using postcards, this is far from an exhaustive list. Let your creativity flow and come up with some of your own ways! All of this may seem like a lot of work, but postcards are one of the best ways to put that personal touch and all the time spent will ultimately pay off in customer loyalty and brand image.

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