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Creative Writing Tips for Your Flyer’s Content

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So you have decided to use flyers to strengthen your offline marketing and raise brand awareness for your business? Great! Flyer printing is a common and popular offline marketing tool, it is effective and get right “out there” to your customers and potential customers. Exactly because of this, a lot of flyers are being handed out each day, perhaps even too many. You can often notice people politely taking in flyers that were handed to them but never even look at the flyer. You can spend a million dollar printing flyers all you want, but if the flyers don’t even get looked at, then all of that million dollar would be in vain. A flyer’s job is to get the words out, deliver the message to people, to achieve this, it must be looked at. This means that you must do your best to get people to look at your flyer. How? The first step is to set up a layout and the theme of graphic design. Secondly, other than a kick-ass graphic design, to catch more eyeballs or really leave an impression, you will need great and unique copywriting.

Unique copywriting for flyers?

If it sounds complicated, it is. But don’t let it fool you, just a couple tricks can go very far for your flyers. Here a couple tips for you to keep in mind when you are writing the content for your flyer.

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  1. Talk to your audience.

This might sound overly vague. But what I mean here is literally… Talk to your audience, don’t write, just talk. Imagine you walk into a bar, spot a pretty girl or good looking guy who is just your type, what do you do? Get your charm ready and walk over to charm him/her off her feet!

Now back to your flyer, with that charm in mind (Ok, maybe tune it down by half or so, nobody wants to see anybody gets weird in a flyer.) and just go ahead and talk to your audience. Forget about writing. Let your talking do the talking.

  1. Current affairs will help you get your audience’s attention.

Now, if you are getting your flyers done for immediate distribution, some reference or jokes on current affairs or trending topics (Not just on Twitter, real life trending topics.) will help you grab your audience’s attention and earn you a couple more seconds of their eyes on your flyer. Remember to keep it short and if you can, with a splash of wits.

Ideally, you want to keep it in one sentence and make it the headline or position it in a way that it is the first thing anyone sees when they look at the flyer.

  1. Less is more

Similar to picking up a girl or guy in public, you don’t see people go on and on and on when they are trying to get a stranger’s number (And if anyone does this, I feel bad for him or her and please get the person to read this post… Or at least just this paragraph.), short, to the point, and leave just enough information on your flyer so that the audience knows where to look for more information.

Make a list of the things you are trying to communicate with your audience, make it as comprehensive as possible. When you’re done, double check that you have everything, and then eliminate things that are not in the top 3-5 priority. And because you already double check to make sure you didn’t miss anything, once you have that 3-5 things picked out. Move on to the next step and don’t look back.

And the next step is to put a little charm into the message, is there something funny that can be linked to the message? Something related to current affair? Or should you go with the “in-your-face” to the point so much that you are just leaving bullet points with a clean cut graphic design? And yes, make sure whatever writing style you go with, the writing style also goes well with the graphic design of the flyer.

And remember, less or more also applies to the graphic design and flyers layout.

Now, pick up your pen and find a piece of paper to try these tips now!

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