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Gaining Sales Leads with Your Eye Catching Flyers

Flyer printing in Singapore is still a big deal nowadays, even if the marketing world is dominated by Internet-related headlines. After all, not everybody needs to promote their businesses on digital platforms, especially if their target consumers are based locally.

Great flyers guarantee sales. Bad ones are thrown away by their recipients a minute after being given. Though it’s a guarantee that even the most attractive flyers in the world will still be disposed of, they are still one of the best ways to directly market your product.

Creating flyers is one thing, but making it convert is another matter. The key is not only to catch their eye, but also to make your customers read it. By doing so, you will substantially increase your chances of receiving an ROI (return of investment).

The question is, how do you do it?

A clear, legible template

Unfortunately, most flyers are overloaded with content – this in turn renders readers confused: they wouldn’t know where to start reading. For a flyer to be eye-catching, it should first be organized and outlined in a way that makes it legible. Jamming numerous colors, text, and images into a single flyer makes it excruciatingly impossible to read.

An easy-to-read flyer will allow your target consumers to draw out and remember information. After this, you will be on your way to making a clear sales pitch. Ensure that the text and colors contrast each other, while the former should be readable – only use the best fonts and typefaces.

Benefit over brand

Take note that when you print flyers, you’re creating an advertisement, not an identification or business card. Sure, you should strive to gain brand recognition, but which of the two headlines do you think will make your flyer pop?

Dale’s Carpet Cleaning Services


Get your carpets cleaned in time for the holidays!

The answer’s pretty obvious: it’s the second. Consumers are not drawn to brand names – they are more interested in reading about what your services are and what it can do for them.

This offers clarity as well: your brand name does not usually give target consumers a clear cut idea of what your services are, while stating the benefits does.

A clear call to action and promotion

If the benefits are your selling point, then this is what will push them to buy your service.

A call to action could be made with the following statements:

  • Call before October 31 at 001-234-567 to receive a 10% discount and a pest-free home – this example encourages immediate action. Though this may cut your profits, this guarantees that your number will likely be called up.
  • Buy now and receive $5 store credit coupon for future purchases – consumers will only avail the benefits if they return. This will enable you to establish a possible long-term relationship with them.
  • Purchase $50 worth of groceries and you’ll receive a coupon for a free sundae – you’re basically rewarding consumers if they choose to buy from you. And yes, the people love free stuff and the word “FREE” is already eye-catching enough.

It should never be passive or ambiguous. For example, putting a statement like “Call now for more information” is unlikely to make potential customers to pick up their phones and dial your number.

Make it multipurpose

Fast food restaurants have been doing this for quite some time. Along with the promotional content in their flyers, they included their menu and their takeout numbers. This is not a unique idea, but it’s extremely profitable. Other ideas include:

  • Showcase. If you run a store, you can use the flyers to showcase your inventory and the must-buy items.
  • Coupon. Have a cut-off point in your flyer to act as a coupon. This adds some value into it and makes it less likely for the recipients to throw it away. However, this may offset your profits, so be sure to carefully calculate your possible rewards.

Though they are primarily an advertising medium, using them isn’t limited to such: think of ingenious and creative ideas!

Lastly, make sure each element is connected to your business

From the colors and text to the graphics used, be sure that everything in your flier is in line with your business and the messages you want to convey.

Here are some reminders you should take note of:

  • Color – it should be pleasant to the eye and the theme should coincide with your brand’s logo and industry color. For example, your business tackles gardening, so it would make a lot of sense to use green and brown as your primary color scheme.
  • Trustworthiness – everything about the content should be correct and you should sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about. Ensure that there are no grammatical and spelling errors and the services you offer shouldn’t sound too good to be true.
  • Tone – it should exude positivity – being negative and condescending won’t give your brand a good image.

Take these tips into consideration and you might find yourself getting a head start in terms of sales soon. If you hired a company to print flyers for you, it’s best if you ask for recommendations as well. It would never hurt to ask the experts!

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