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Have Second Thoughts On Flyers? Here Are the Top 5 Benefits You’ll Get

In today’s digital age, almost all would agree that flyer printing is seem to be a bit old-fashioned. Talking about social media sites, online blogs and forums – everything is just pointing to the Internet. Well, actually, this notion is rightfully wrong – flyers are still the best tool for your marketing efforts.

In its most organic form, flyer is a graphical piece of paper that any business would give out for free as part of an advertising campaign. They can be used to attract either new or current customers. Not only they hold key business information and contact details, but they also inform people about a company’s products and services.

Sure, you can always overlook the benefits of flyers; however, equipped with the right designer, these printed marketing materials can get your business’ wings flap. So, without further ado, below are the top 5 benefits you get from using flyers.

Drum rolls, please!

It Is Really Cost-Effective

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Know that flyers can be printed single-sided or double-sided. Whichever you use, they are very inexpensive to print, especially at companies that offer affordable flyer printing in Singapore. They can be easily mass-produced using a copy machine or printer. However, they are costly when desktop printing (inkjet or laser) is used, considering that you have to purchase ink refills regularly for mass printing. Furthermore, using most desktop printers will always leave an unappealing white border at the edge of the paper as graphic backgrounds cannot be printed to the edge of the paper. Commercial printing can create higher quality flyers for larger quantities, such as offset printing. Commercial offset printers are flexible as printing bleeds are used to guarantee quality through the cutting process, leaving no white borders.

Producing Them Is Not a Headache

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Source: Conscious Life News


Most companies would think that printing flyers is a burden. However, given the right company and tools, they can be produced with ease. Hence they are called as one of the easiest forms of marketing. Depending upon the design, flyers can easily be created and printed within a short amount of time. And since they are so easy to produce, it also makes it easy to make changes – sporadically or frequently. This can allow you to print them as necessary or make any corrections needed before your next batch is printed out. You can never go wrong with flyers.

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They Are Easy to Read

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Sure, there are bunch of materials that you can read online. But keep in mind that they can only be accessed if you have an Internet and a desktop or smartphone readily available. For flyers, you can always read them anywhere and anytime. Apart from that, one of the best parts about flyers is that they generally require very little information. Simplicity is the key. They are straight to the point. Most designs feature large font, a limited amount of words with catchy slogan, as well as high color contrast are used to grab your viewers’ attention and to build interest. You don’t have to worry about your audience having difficulty reading your company information thanks to good ol’ flyers.

Gives You and Your Audience Versatility

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It is no debate that flyers have a wide variety of uses. No wonder they are the one of the easiest and inexpensive communication or marketing medium there is. They can be used to promote special sales, announce an upcoming event, or even used as a promotional method you can track, such as using coupon codes or a free gift with flyer option. Not only are they designed to inform your audience about a current company event or sales, but they can also be used to educate people about your company’s milestones.

Distribution Is As Easy As You Can Get

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Yes, you heard that right – flyers can be easily distributed to a large population in a short amount of time. They are generally printed on gloss or matte art paper, typically with 150gsm in thickness (or depending on your own preferences). After the flyers have been printed, you can distribute them in any method you choose. Generally, they are handed out or placed in an area that has, or will have a large amount of audience from within your target market. This marketing method can be delivered face-to-face on the streets, via email, or dropped in letterboxes or shopping bags or even displayed on public noticeboards as mini-posters. The point is that you won’t worry about the places where your flyers will go, as you have plenty of options to choose from.

Indeed, flyers can offer a business a wide variety of uses – let alone giving you an unfathomable options for customization. Above all, they are an economical marketing method used by – be it large or small. But, of course, it will always be up to you on how to determine the benefits it will give to your business. Besides, we here at ExpressColour will be there to guide you on every needs you want for your flyers. So, make a difference in the competition and create your flyers with us! Give us a call now!

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