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No matter how great your product or service is, or how unique, innovative it is, none of those matter if you can’t get the words out and let people know about it. And so born the advertisement. There are many forms of advertisement, some edgy, like outdoor screen video commercial, some subtle, like online reviews. And for a big (yet also small) city that attracts large amount of tourists every year, such as Singapore, post card printing is the latest subtle marketing/advertisement trend that is both effective and clever.

Even when you already have successfully raised brand awareness, the continuing effort is required to spread the words out in a wider range and just to remind people of what you do and offer. The business to (potential) customers marketing has been practiced in many different forms, so is the most ancient marketing activity – the word of mouth. Amazingly, in 2015, word of mouth still plays a significant part in offline marketing. Although it has evolved to internet reviews in addition to the good old fashioned personal endorsement. Post card printing takes the word of mouth marketing to an entire new level. How? I’m glad you asked.  


Something handwritten

I’m sure we have all received our fair share of personal email and e-cards, in fact, that’s all we receive these days. Exactly because of this, when you do receive something that’s been hand written and carried by actual humans along the way to get to you, it feels a whole lot more special (Admittedly, the very same reason I still send my love notes by post!). And handwritten postcard, immediately creates fondness the moment the person receives it, furthermore, it is almost a guarantee that after reading the message, the recipient will take a good look at what’s printed on the other side of the post card for at least a couple seconds. Which is all you need for an advertisement of this size.


Something personal

By offering your customers free postcards for them to send back home or overseas to loved ones, you are making the postcard, which represents your business, an emotional bridge between them, any business can send hundreds of flyers or brochures to customers on the regular basis, but it’s the one that comes from something they know that really has a place in the heart.


Something in common

Naturally, when people meet one another, the first thing human tend to look for is a connection, which is often established by something in common. In fact, “Me, too.” is possibly one of the top phrases that is almost impossible to say it upset (With the exception of tragedies.), when a friend or family receives a postcard that in anyway indicate a business’s involvement, even just because there’s a logo and name on the post card, that creates a link between the business and the recipient will likely think of the business the next time they’re in need of the same service in the location.


Something sweet

For instance, I recently visited Hong Kong and stayed at a boutique hotel in central, in the welcome kit, there’s a “free postal” post card with Hong Kong scenery printed in the front and a logo of the hotel in the bottom corner. Naturally, I immediately thought of my best friend and although she’s still never been to Hong Kong, she is bound to look up the hotel from the postcard the moment she decides to visit. She’s also asked me about the hotel experience and has talked about it in different occasions since. This also shows how far being “sweet and thoughtful” will go in marketing, when you offer something sweet for your guests, and even for them to do for their loved ones without effort (In this case, free post card waiting in the room, free postal and all I had to do was leave it at the front desk.), the thoughtfulness is usually greatly appreciated and will leave a mark in your customer’s mind.


Something worth sending

Of course, offering postcards alone is a very nice gesture, although to maximize the impact, you probably want a very unique design or something representative of Singapore (Or, if you’re reading from overseas, whichever city your business is located), remember, it is still a post card. Don’t just print your logo and address then call it a day. Think about the postcards you are most likely to purchase when you’re traveling and design one with that in mind. It’s best to have something you can incorporate the nature of your business with, a city view with your business in it, and if all else fails, a breathtaking picture of the scenery along with a logo of your business in the corner can always do the trick as well.

If you’re not sure what approach to use for your business’s post card printing, it never hurts to visit your printing shop for some advice or samples, as always, whenever you’re ready, we at express colour will be more than happy and ready to chat!

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