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Materialistic Design For Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing

Image Source: ucreative.com

Brochure is a great way to raise brand awareness and introduce your business to more people offline, which is still just as powerful as online marketing. And for the exact same reason, brochure printing is often the key to your offline marketing campaign.

There are thousands, and possibly millions of different kinds of brochures with different styles, and choosing a style for your brochure is just as important as the message on your brochure. Why? It reflects your business as a whole. At some point in life, unless you grew up in a really small town up in the mountain somewhere really remote, the chance is you probably have seen or even hold a brochure of a Chinese take-out restaurant. Now, take a moment to think about that very moment. Was the flyer or brochure as thin as it possibly could be? How did it feel in your hand? And now, ask yourself if you’ve somehow associated the material of the flyer to your impression of the restaurant?

The answer is probably yes.

Of course, the restaurant had its reason for the material, it was probably something that’s likely to get thrown away without a second look, it was probably just there to show you your cheap, lazy options for a meal at home. Either way, the branding value of the flyer/ brochure was close to zero. This is not to say that it’s a bad flyer or brochure, it serves its purpose, which is getting the information out to whomever the information might be useful to. But if you want your brochure to be more than that, you gotta take time to think about the material of your brochure.

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Here are a few things that you should consider when it comes to the materials of your brochure or flyer:

Branding Image

What is the style of your brand? Is it classy and elegant or funky and edgy? The materials and the paper you use are a big part of the branding image, try to collect as many brochures as possible to compare the materials and the branding style to get a clearer picture of what businesses around you or around the world do with their brochures and compare the materials with their brands’ image.

The Message

What kind of message are you trying to get across with this brochure? Is it an invitation? Invitations tend to be of thicker paper. Is it a product list or introduction? You might want softer paper for that for a friendly vibe.

The Graphic Design

If you already have an idea or direction of the graphic design, make sure you fully communicate with your printing shop to make sure you have seen all the papers available in the shop, compare each one of them and find the one that best suits your design! For example, the smooth, shiny finish brochure gives out a complete different vibe from the rough, earthy texture brochure even when they’re in the exact same color!


In another word, thickness! How thick do you want the brochure to be? If your brochure is going to be mailed in to your customers as the main distribution channel, this is especially important. Make sure the pages and thickness add up to an appropriate thickness for the envelopes or, if you’re also using customized envelopes, you definitely want to get the measurements right.


As previously mention, texture of the paper actually gives out a lot than most people realize. Just imagine two piece of paper filled in black, one shiny and smooth, another one soft and with a bit rough on the texture. These two give out completely different vibes. The former might be suitable for something fun and edgy, like a Halloween party invitation or evening fashion show, the latter would probably be more suitable for an art show that is of a black and white theme.
Overall, it is crucial that you understand your options and speak to your printing shop on feasibility of the design, material and how they are going to fit in with each other. It is always helpful to keep the things mentioned above in mind before you bust in the door of your local printing shop to save both yourself and the printing shop sometime. Of course, you can always drop by to see some examples of what the printing shop have done to get a better understanding of their ability as a part of evaluation before you commit to one printing shop. Don’t be shy to ask any questions, in fact, you can drop by to ask us anything (printing related) now!

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