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Why Print Postcards?

Why should I print Postcards?

Postcards are a sleek, effective and cheap way to get your message across. It’s also a secretive and traceable medium of advertising that doesn’t need that much technology to be executed.

We say it’s secretive because if you advertise on your local newspapers, your competitors and virtually anyone knows that you’re advertising there, what’s the deal, the message and so on – with postcard advertising, this doesn’t hold true, as you can simply select the people you want to receive the postcard.

Postcard printing is also an easy to track medium – you just tell your customers to bring the postcard in for a special discount or include a certain code for them to insert on your website and you can measure how many leads were converted by the postcards.

How will postcards benefit my business?

Taking what was explained so far you can start to see how postcards can benefit your business, but take into account that they can also be used for A/B testing:

Select a small sample to send a campaign to, and do it twice. Cross-reference the campaigns and choose the one that worked best – scale it and you’re done!

It will also engage new leads and get you customers that you never thought you would get. On a spray and pray basis, this is the best medium you can use, since it’s effective while inexpensive.

How are postcards different from Flyers and Brochures?

Flyers and Brochures are on the extreme opposites. While Flyers are extra cheap, they are also easy to dispose of. Brochures cost you money, but they have more of a “to keep” attribute.

Postcards, on the other hand, are balanced – they maintain an inexpensive price while still making the lead think twice about dumping them on the first thrash can they find.