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Tips in Finding the Right Brochure Printers for You

Brochures. Leaflets. Flyers. Whatever advertisement and promotional materials it is, a good printer will always provide a satisfying output and result. But, how do we find good printers? For most printer buyers, deciding on what kind of printer to use for brochure printing can be a bit confusing and frustrating.

In an array of new brands and models of printer, it is difficult to find the right one that suits your needs. There are so many types of printers to choose from and each of them seems to introduce unique features and specifications.

brochure printing

(source: pcadvisor.uk)

Here are the useful tips to find the right brochure printer for you.

Identify the Printer that you want

Choosing the right printer is like identifying the right kind paper to use for brochure printing. Know the printer that you want based on your needs. What do you prefer? Would it be good enough to have an inkjet printer or laser? Is it Mono or Color? Would you prefer to have a stand – alone printer or all – in – one? These are the questions that you should answer before you decide to purchase a printer for your brochure and flyers printing.

Know your needs

Printer buyers like you should assess each printer’s quality, speed, features, usage, and costs.  Before you go shopping, make a shortlist of your preference. Think about what and where you want to use your printer.

Identify the type of documents you will print most. If you are planning to print advertising materials such as brochures, leaflets, and flyers, a laser printer will do well on it. You also have to identify what devices you want to print from. Clarifying your needs is one of the best practices that will help you narrow down your selection.

How much Speed do you need?

When choosing the right printer, identify the volume of materials that you are planning to print. The engine speed, memory, and processing power of your printer depend on the number of brochures and flyers that you are planning to produce for your business promotion.

Check the engine – speed specifications to know how much the printer could accomplish under optimal conditions. If you are planning to produce a high volume of brochures and other print materials, you should consider using printers with speed greater than 40ppm.

Business printer memory should be anywhere from 64MB to 256MB.

Printers that Fits your Needs and Budget

Choosing the right printer for your business doesn’t have to be expensive. Always focus on the feature and its capabilities to produce quality printing materials.  When you already identify the right printer, check their ink or toner pricing to minimize your costs.

Printers and their Features

Inkjet Printers

brochure printing

(source: regmedia.co.uk)

This type of printer can handle heavy text documents and print photos in a quiet and unobtrusive way. Compare to other printers, inkjets are more expensive to run and costs more ink per printed page. They take less desk space and print good quality color prints.

Laser Printers

brochure printing

(source: HP.com)

Laser printers produce high-quality professional – looking business graphics like brochures and leaflets. They print faster than inkjets and can handle the heavy workload if you are planning to print advertisement materials.  Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers are noisier and take up more space in the desk.

Photo printers    

brochure printing

(source: labnol.org)

These types of printers contain memory card and USB connection so that users can plug it in their PC and laptops to print photos. It is also known as A4 printers with photo cartridges and high-resolution printheads to print small photos.

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