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Tips in Getting A High Quality Flyer Printing Service

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In the fast-paced world of business, one of the most effective ways to get the words out about your services and products is the good old fashioned flyer distribution. Although in an age that everything seems digital, finding a high quality flyer or brochure printing service, in a city like Singapore, could seem difficult. And even if you spend time walking around all the streets in Singapore for flyer printing service, you might end up with a couple options, but you would still have a hard time deciding which service provider to go with, after all, the more digital things are, the less information is available for almost anything non-digital, or at least for traditional marketing tools like flyers and brochure printing, regardless how they still play a big role in marketing today.

And we noticed that. Today we would like to share a few tips on how to select a printing service provider that is likely to deliver high quality results and products. Here are the three key points to have in mind when it comes to selecting printing services:


  1. Experience matters, a lot.


Always look for a service provider with the exact experience of what you are trying to do. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of time to monitor or be highly involved in the process. And possibly the most crucial factor if you are on a tight timeline. Almost all the printing service provider can do a test run and offer a sample before your design gets to the stage of mass production, and in the sample stage, you can always correct any errors or make adjustments. But, being back and forth about a design and its printouts can take a lot of time and sometimes just plain counterproductive. Ideally, you want a service provider who gets the sample just right and exactly the way you want the end results to be. And this is mostly about experience.


Of course, if for whatever reason you decide to give a new printing service a shot and go them, just make sure that you give extra days for the sampling stage of the process.


  1. A helping hand is valuable in any service provider.


This is mostly about the attitude. Some service providers are strictly “do as I was told” type of vendors. Of course, if your internal process is already detailed enough, there is nothing wrong with working with a machine with human communication.

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And then there are vendors that take time to double check your work and make suggestions. This type of vendors provides an extra proof-read and double checking process to your design and content and will often help you spot some small mistakes with a pair of fresh eyes. Saving you time and trouble with an extra layer of insurance to ensure the end product is free from errors and mistakes. And even guiding you through the process and coming up with better alternatives on materials and related issues.


  1. The process of the service provider


Always, always ask about the process. A lot can be learned about a business by the way they respond to this particular question (Or related questions) and learning about their process. Ask about if they have a somewhat standardized system to process all printings in the sampling stage, do they spend time examining the digital file you provide and make recommendations or suggestions on either the sizing or materials of the flyers/brochure, do they guarantee process time and delivery, what steps do they take to ensure the final product is free from errors, what kind of equipment and materials they use to provide the service and how do those equipment and materials compare to others in the industry.

An organized and serious service provider should be able to answer all the questions above and show professionalism while answering them. This is especially important if you intend to build a long lasting working relationship with the vendor, after all, establishing trust is the first step of any relationship, and you can’t trust something or something you don’t know well about!



By the time you finish your evaluation based on the 3 key points above, you should be able to have a pretty good idea about what the service provider is like as a business. Of course, you can always ask around and see if you can get some feedbacks from other customers offline as an extra step in your evaluation, just make sure you do your own evaluation before you let others’ opinion be the key factor in your decision!

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