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Top Creative Print Advertisement Campaigns

The world of advertisement is always a fun place, and is that one industry that despite the fact that the internet has taken over virtually just about everything… It still has a high focus on print advertisement. Over time, print advertisement has become an important part of people’s memory and often the representative icon for a generation. Before you start printing flyers for your business, keep in mind that your flyer is just like a print advertisement. Great advertisements are not only timeless, it also engages everyone in the audience, making people either feel relatable or eager to “get closer” and find out more. Either way, people are intrigued. And that’s exactly what you should aim for your flyer.

If you don’t know where to even start, that’s ok. Before a print advertisement campaign is launched, there is usually a great deal of research and surveys. Even if your flyer printing is just a small scale marketing tool, you can still benefit from research by looking at some great print advertisement campaigns in the past. And we will do it with you!

Now let’s look at our list of top creative print advertisement for inspiration.

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Image source: historygraphicdesign.com

People Who Have Too Much To Read Make Time For TIME.

Ever heard of George Lois? No? What about Mad Men the TV show? George Lois is commonly referred to as the original mad man. Although he is not too happy about the TV show and has made the follow comment about it:

“”Mad Men misrepresents the advertising industry of my time by ignoring the dynamics of the Creative Revolution that changed the world of communications forever.”


Known as one of 1970’s real mad men, George Lois was the biggest name in advertisement and has changed the entire industry revolutionary. Many of his campaigns are still the discussion of many art and advertisement students and remain timeless. Not only so, his copywriting created many timeless phrases, including this one: “People who have too much to read make time for time” – Originally a phrase in a print advertisement he designed for TIME magazine, and now, people still remember the classic “Make time for TIME” decades later.

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Image source: boredpanda.com

Stop Violence. Don’t text and drive.

Fast forward to something in the modern day. This powerful advertisement delivers a powerful image that is hard to keep your eyes off, the amazing thing is, once you are able to move past the image, you will notice the text – Don’t text and drive, which leads you back the image and locks it in your head to associate the more direct violence between two people with car accidents caused by text and drive, which is, accurately, violence between two (or more) people.

This powerful ad was created by advertising agency Terremoto Progaganda and Curitiba.

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Image source: boredpanda.com



A perfect example of “less is more”, this great print ad manages to say nothing and yet everything in just one simple picture with not even one sentence. Not only that, the humor in the picture itself brings a smile to reader’s face and through that making the audience feel closer to the brand, and that is important to any brand in any industry: to be likable by its consumers and targeted demographics. And one of the many ways to be likable is to make your audience feel “close” to you.

This perfectly executed print as was created by DraftFCB.

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Image source: theinspirationroom.com

Think Small.


One of the most famous ads in the Volkswagen Beetle advertising campaign. Fifteen years after World War II, the United States of America had become the target market for just about all things consumer, and cars were just the same. It was the age when Americans tend to have a bigger family – with more kids compared to today and therefore, the trendy car for Americans at the time was a car with “muscle”, the bigger, the better. A small car, like Volkswagen Beetle, was an idea that many laughed at and didn’t even think twice about. To make matters worse, Volkswagen was manufactured in a plant built by the Nazis in Wolfsburg, Germany1, which made it more difficult to sell in the United States.

And now, this classic print ad campaign is still considered one of the greatest’s print ad in history by many.

The copy for Think Small was written Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency’s Julian Koenig in 1959.


1. Top ad campaign of century? VW Beetle, of course”Portland Business Journal. Retrieved July 15, 2010.

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